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Rectangular bowl - SR 3,300

Rectangular bowl - SR 3,300

Product information "Rectangular bowl SR 3.300"


execution with lid and tamper-evident closure


Color transparent / transparent
material PP, food safe
Packaging Unit

Bowl: 792 pieces on the pallet

Lids: 5,400 pieces on the pallet

scope of delivery Plastic bowl with lid


Note special colors & printing
You can also get all of our plastic packaging in special colors or with individual printing. Simply contact us directly with your wishes at or by phone at +49 (0)47 21 - 20 38 20.

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Versatile and environmentally friendly plastic bowls


Plastic bowls come in different sizes, colors and
Molds available, allowing companies to create customized product lines
to suit different customer requirements and preferences. The
Adaptability of these shells opens up possibilities for customized ones
Offers and the development of new market segments.

Wide range of uses

Plastic bowls are suitable for a variety of
Industries, from catering companies to restaurants to
retail stores. This allows companies to have a broader
To serve the customer spectrum and increase sales.

Storage friendly

Due to their light weight and robust materials
Plastic trays can be stored easily and in a space-saving manner. Pursue
can keep more products in stock and transport and storage
optimize without having to worry about breakage.


Plastic trays, especially ours made from recycled or bio-based plastic, offer companies a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional ones
Disposable tableware. Due to the reusability and durability of these bowls
The amount of waste is reduced, resulting in a lower environmental impact

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  • Thats what our customers say

    "We have already used several plastic packaging from Fleros for our delicatessen products and are very satisfied with it. The packaging is stable, hygienic and looks great. Fleros is definitely our favorite
    Supplier of plastic packaging for the food industry."

  • Thats what our customers say

    "I chose Fleros for their innovative packaging solutions and was amazed by the variety of plastic trays they offer. They have a wide range of sizes and shapes suitable for a variety of applications."

  • Thats what our customers say

    "We have Fleros plastic packaging for our medical items
    used and are very happy with it. The packaging is hygienic, stable and is manufactured specifically according to our requirements."

  • Thats what our customers say

    "As a pet food manufacturer, I was looking for practical and durable packaging solutions. Fleros' plastic trays proved to be perfect for my needs and were also suitable for transporting my products."

Our products in production

Sealing bowls

Our sealing trays at Fleros Kunststoffe offer quality and safety. Made from robust and food-safe plastic material, they form a reliable barrier against moisture, oxygen and other harmful influences. This ensures the freshness and quality of your products in the long term. Our dedicated team at Fleros Kunststoffe develops customer-specific solutions that fit your product perfectly and support your brand identity. We understand that every product is unique and has different packaging requirements.


Rectangular plastic bowls

With their versatility, our rectangular trays adapt to various packaging needs. Whether you want to pack delicate medical devices, colorful cosmetic products or small snacks, we offer a wide selection of rectangular trays in various sizes and depths. At Fleros Kunststoffe you get high-quality rectangular trays that combine quality, versatility, customized solutions and environmental awareness.



Our experienced team at Fleros Kunststoffe works closely with customers from a wide range of sectors to develop individual packaging solutions that meet the specific requirements and regulations of each sector. Contact us today to find out more about our packaging solutions for your specific sector. We look forward to providing you with customized solutions and meeting your packaging needs

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