Packaging for delicatessen products in the catering industry

Fleros Kunststoffe GmbH and the company Nermerich Feinkost have had a close and trusting business relationship for many years.

Nermerich Feinkost specializes in herring processing for wholesale and, in addition to classic herring and Bismarck herring, also produces delicatessen salads. From the delivery of the fresh raw materials from countries such as Norway and Denmark, to the processing of the fish, to the packaging of the finished products, everything is done in-house.

Up to 4,000 tons of herring and an additional 120 tons of Alaska pollock are processed every year. The appropriate packaging of the products is particularly important to managing director Melanie Nermerich-Widowitsch. For you, the various plastic bowls and buckets serve to present your products and are the first to reach the customer.

Fleros Kunststoffe GmbH has been a long-standing supplier to the company. The variety of packaging and the service from Fleros are highly valued. Convincing criteria as a basis for cooperation are standardized and certified quality management, which is not only of great importance in the food industry. Fleros Kunststoffe GmbH therefore offers food-safe, hygienically perfect and high-quality plastic packaging.

Plastic packaging for the food industry

All of our packaging is welcomed by the food industry. Here you can get an overview of the many different options. Click directly into the area that interests you:

• Delicatessen
• Meat processing and sausage products
• Dairy products
• Fruit and vegetables
• Convenience foods

Plastic packaging for animal feed and pet food

For pet food and animal feed, we of course offer all plastic packaging that is 100% food-safe. In addition, all packaging is optimized for maximum stability with minimum weight.

• Food safe
• Resealable
• Volume sizes between 200 ml and 60 L
• Optional IML printing on bucket and lid

Packaging for the pharmaceutical & cosmetics industry

All of our packaging is subject to strict hygiene controls and can therefore be used without restrictions for pharmaceutical products and the cosmetics industry. The individual packaging design options make your product an absolute eye-catcher.

Plastic buckets , which we offer in round, square and rectangular shapes, are particularly in demand. Our buckets have a volume between 150 ml and 60 liters, and we offer the option of individually decorating the items and lids with IML labels for the most common sizes.

Packaging for medical technology

All of our packaging is subject to strict hygiene controls at every production step and is therefore suitable for all types of medical items. In the field of medical technology, all bowls are manufactured individually and specifically for the customer. For example, we produce trays for surgical sets and catheters.

• 100% individual production according to your requirements
• Strict hygiene control in every production step
• Packaging available in white, natural, transparent and many special colors
• All imaginable shapes and volume sizes possible
• IML labeling possible upon request

Packaging for the chemical industry

Fertilizers, pesticides, cleaning agents and other chemical products are always kept safe and dry in our packaging. Our plastic packaging buckets are bestsellers for the chemical industry. These are available in round, square and rectangular shapes. Our plastic buckets are available from a volume of 150 ml up to a maximum of 60 liters. For the most common sizes, we are also happy to offer you the option of decorating the items with IML labels, whereby almost all design wishes can be implemented.

In addition , sealing trays are the optimal packaging for many products from the chemical industry. The smallest Fleros seal bowl has a volume of 200 ml and the largest 8,500 ml. You can get it in white, natural and transparent. Also available in a special color upon request. For smaller productions, we offer to purchase our products from us in smaller quantities.

Packaging for varnishes, paints and building materials

Whether classic round, rectangular or square packaging buckets - the wide range of Fleros buckets is the perfect advertising space for your product. Our design options present your brand in an absolutely sales-effective way.

• Packaging available in white, natural, transparent and many special colors
• All imaginable shapes and volume sizes possible
• IML printing possible upon request
• Smaller purchase quantities also possible

We produce individual plastic packaging according to the needs of our customers.

We have been producing plastic packaging in the form of vegetable, fruit and fruit packaging since 1966. No matter whether you need plastic trays, round containers, rectangular trays or lids, we are able to produce almost any shape and size. Our aim is to always deliver the highest quality at a fair price and at the same time to respond to the wishes of our customers down to the last detail. The customized production of plastic packaging is exactly our thing.

In addition to individual production, what sets us apart is the problem-free provision of large quantities in a short time; all orders can be delivered expressly within 24 hours or 48 hours upon request. And if you have any questions, our competent customer service will be happy to help you by phone (+49 (0)4721 - 203820).

We implement all customer requests as if we were making them a reality for ourselves. This is the only way we can deliver the desired level of quality that we have set as our goal.